We celebrated my birthday, I do not remember exactly, it seems 19 years, you know, such a holiday .... the company has a huge, high school and college friends, well, respectively, as often happens, what to talk about, is not drunk enough not know ... the boys had a lot, but somehow they were at

It is in this day my father took me to my grandmother in the village. I resisted perfectly: It would still, because the city has remained a favorite game console Yes TV cartoons. And my grandmother was from the entertainment only garden, where I climbed to secretly eat strawberries beyond what I

In general, so all began as follows. I joined the gym, a little work on them, there are pull up ramp, she walked into the same room. I like that did not pay attention to the female sex in the gym (little attention) Came then engaged in doing, and you can meet on the street, and the gym has a

In the area in which I am engaged, it is not accepted to speak openly. But this does not mean that it does not exist. It does not say, but from it can not escape. I have been a professional sport, this sport is known as the dilletantam "professional wrestling". But my story is not about

I want to tell the receptionist in our office. Head long selects candidates. and finally I found. Imagine a singer of the group Via-gra, one that brunette. So, it's almost our Zhannochka. The same long legs, healthy ass, but that's chest, probably will be more even. And so. everything else with it.

My sexual development began quite early. I began to masturbate years with 3 or 4. He rubbed a member of the bed, lying on his stomach, and even finished naturally dry. The first experience occurred exhibitionism is not my will. I was 6 or 7 years, when we came to visit a distant relative of his

I swear his cock, but all that happened to me recently - pure as holy sperm, however. Time - a quarter to six in the morning. The bus is empty, except for a sleeping young man who always sits in front of the cabin, her head buried in the glass. Today, a new passenger - a blonde girl, take a seat on

Man ... Woman ... Friends ... Enemies ... Psychology of gender relations have never particularly interested. I have always believed that a woman could (and can) be the enemy of man, but can never become a friend because of the fact that she - a woman. Women can love, respect, admire them, but to

This day was an ordinary day, of which in the life of Lena were in the majority, and yet her mood was upbeat. Tonight, she goes with her husband to the theater, which happens quite often lately. The fact that the novel, was the name of her husband, recently paid her a little time, in connection

This happened most recently a few weeks ago .... .... in the middle of April 2003, when I flew from St. Petersburg to Tashkent to discuss with the brother of the state of affairs in our common cause. Katherine plemyashki Now my 13 years, I'm just a guy hefty, already .... it does not matter, but

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