In our Bator (for those who do not vkurivaet - an abbreviation of "incubator" - The popular name of a children's home) was strange couple - Kostyanych and Podshivalov Tolia. That is, of course, that they "strange" I began to realize just now. And then all of us seemed to play

My name is Sonya. Now I'm 19 years old. I want to tell you what happened to me once at a summer kanikulah.Mne 15.YA then it was already met with the boys, but it was more a desire to adult relationships, that all "for serious" and so on. What is it and how to do it I was taught in 13

"I'm not looking for a girl to have fun, - Molchanov said, lighting a cigarette and releasing a trickle of smoke - that what you're saying - this is certainly acceptable. And the money from me there". "Then what's the deal? - A man standing next to Molchanov, was short, balding and

This little story - about my family. I - Oleg, 30 years old. Olga - my daughter, 6 years. Dima - a son, 12 years old. We live in Moscow, 3-room apartment. For the year as a 1.5 fuck all together and not only. As the winter having come home from work soon I fell asleep. But an hour or 2 after

This story happened to me when I was in '31. With me she worked together. She was 19. Huge tits and ass big. I did it as anyone in my life. I had a lot of men, but they gave me little pleasure. . . . . with a woman much better. And once this bolshezhopoya bitch was guilty and there was no one to

How boring. Here I sit now and I even have nothing to do. And many would envy my position. a rich man's daughter, neobdelnnaya external data. A bird in a golden cage. family decoration. I am already 17 years old, and I do not even know what love is. And how can I find out, without leaving home. .

Hi! Let me introduce myself - the girl in the topic. Well, if you so insist, call Marinka - Now you want me so. Actually, my name is something you hardly interested in - well, in any case, not more than that for a topic. I (in this mood) and did not mind. Years to me quite a lot to answer for

I "awoke" middle of the night and saw Olga window. How cool, I thought I was dreaming about it! Moonlight tinged her slightly tanned body in pale shades. Standing at the open window is not the best idea, I thought it podplyvaya small steps. Without taking his eyes off the disk of the

I remember: you are my dick sucked, I sang songs with a guitar! .. Not everyone can boast of, With so have fun! I sang, and the song is absorbed, I had not finished a hundred years more! But you're tired, and then Entered into force pussy! But the moment when you sucked me Behavior

Here is how it was. I am a 18 year old guy, about a year ago became interested in incest. I watched porn sites dedicated to this kind of sex. Download images and stories. And I kept them in my computer, because I was sure that, besides me there no climbs. I live with my aunt. My parents abandoned

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