If you read my last story, you may remember that I have experienced on the road to the house of the sisters. How do I call what happened between me and my ass? Unusual adventure? Perverted intercourse? Flying in dreams and reality? No! It was a - whoring ANIMAL !!! And do not look for excuses in

Blue blouse miracle rested on her chest after falling from his shoulders. Hammer felt the lock on his trousers almost burst when blouse finally slipped from his chest and he saw something unnatural, as he often later recalled with awe virgin, first has known a woman's body. The huge brown

Fuck I like - one night with a dog walk. Late in the walk, so with the other dogs did not occur once again. And I wanted to drink a beer. Well, do not get drunk to pig squeal, and for the mood. We got to stall the clock, barbosku I sat next to, so as not to scare the rare passers-by view of her

She ran down the path Valya-Vaflyushka. It looks worth a tower-chamber's blue domok. - Someone who lives in teremochke? Someone who lives in the blue? Silence. None. He thinks what? I'll live happily ever after seducing men here. He was taken to the chamber's sitting and waiting - maybe someone

She entered the room and accidentally touched a stack of papers on the edge of the table at the entrance. I bent down to collect the sheets with his back to the table Mikhailov. It is with pleasure and shamelessly considered baring tanned back and the top edge of pantyhose with black panties under

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction. At the bar, still, hosted Lena. Timur ordered piva.- Do you drink? - He asked Tomy.- Are you

Michelle came to Sullivan during the day, it was a beautiful fifteen-year schoolgirl, she came on the exchange, for two months. On the plane she had gone tired after a long flight. The Sullivans were ordinary American family: husband, wife, two teenagers -Boys 16 and 19 years. And the daughter

At school I loved to write essays and presentation. I especially like the Komsomol topic. And of course, the military. Therefore, the discharge was writing about the exploits of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. I then thought that this is my last work in life. However, after a on July

I undressed you, clinging to spine.I fingered nipples and hands laskal.Slovno cat, growling resisted mne.Vsё you want: Menethil and sex and anal fingers and gently slide from back to belly, picking up closer to the cherished scheli.Povernuvshis face, you took it in rot.Guby and tongue quickly kicks

This story happened to me on my birthday eve, came to me my favorite guy and gave me a huge bouquet of red roses, and said that he did not get to come to me for my birthday because it is his grandmother was ill, and he has to go To her. I was upset, but he promised that he gave me a gorgeous

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