Hello everyone my name is LICA I am 28 years old. I am very beautiful and sexy woman)). This is a story about me, about how I became a bitch yes yes you read that right of a real bitch that fucks male is my doggie)). Yes, it's just great fun to be a bitch and I become no one suspects that I am very

skinheads nasilnitsy Episode 2: The prisoner and two captive foreword Mid-July 2006. Saturday, 20 pm. On the outskirts of Moscow, near the Moscow Ring Road, is located two-story brick building with basements. Above the entrance to the building waving a flag with Nazi symbols. On the first and

A bad day in the morning. On the eve of Savva noted on the day of your birth. As a gift from colleagues, he got a fancy Japanese Service. tests were carried out immediately. Alarm - futuristic Gage acid lemon yellow - demonstrating various miracles inherent in his sophisticated technological mind:

Purchase of the road cognac and an hour persuading home two whole bottles of it, the company began to kink: the presence of a beautiful woman (even married) excited and sluggish actions of her husband when the embrace on the dance floor became too "passionate" (hands climbs partners

Recently, it happens that I have worth to bad ... Apparently I passed age ... for ... my many adventures with women led to the fact that I can no longer start and finish .... Rises. Vsunesh his oud where you want it kept. But as soon as it is close to an orgasm - a member of my becoming softer

"Sash, and Sasha, let's go see what Christine was doing"I shouted my cousin Bob, standing on the porch of the house. "What to watch?"I asked back. "Well, she's gone to the bathroom and did not return. We must see to it that there", he replied. "Good"I

It was in the spring. In one of the Moscow schools, the most boring after forty-five minutes of geography finally came a change, it remains only two lessons: history and mathematics, and then home. Lena - one of the students of class, very fond of Coco-Cola. And in her portfolio as the time was a

Army ... Army ... Army. In this word more sense than it might seem at first glance. Army of one makes men, and other rags and sixes. This school of life so to speak, and that I had to go and sip full of real life. The outfits, the guards, lifts, curfew, grandfathers, scoops, sleepless nights and an

INTRODUCTION: Dear readers! Before we continue, I would like to clarify some of the motifs of the creation story, imagination. As usual, did a master of the short story Sergei Dovlatov at the time, I asked myself: -"And for what, for what purpose, I have written all this?" And I still

/ Romance in the SMS / 08.04 Who called? Who you are? Let us first find out who you are? I have your phone number and I wanted to know who you are I, Alex, but who are you? No answer Well, if you're so Taciturn, it is! 11.04 Girl, I'm still wondering who you are and where did you get my

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