In the life of Yana been unpleasant moments, but it was her life and the good. She was lucky with her parents, her friends, and, of course, a man. For almost two years she was with Nikita, studying together at a school in the 10th grade, and in the two years she loved him more than life itself.

George tenderly embraced his wife: - I'm sorry dear, but do not want to spoil the evening for such trifles. Keep having fun, I'll be back as soon as I can. Rachel forced a smile: - Without you so bad. After seeing her husband, she returned to her duties hostess. But from time to time he

Once when I was 16 years old he went to bed I imagined how I deflower two handsome guy and after waking up in the fantasies of little white thong has not eyed my hand rushed to the kitty. Grasp the thin strip of wet silent pulling and pushing in the side, I enjoyed cutting releasing it with the

All the next day to me nobody came and I had time to think. I thought at the same time, what happened to me yesterday. Oddly enough, but I'm almost resigned to his terrible situation, on a thought I did not give rest: "Is somewhere in the depths of me, I like it?". Yes, I was afraid for

- Have you ever kissed? - Lesch asked Pauline. - Of course, kissing - fat girl said, blushing a little - I've already twenty years old, boys. - And I'm still with no one - sad Kirill said. - Although I will soon be sixteen. - I, too, - said Lesch, plucking a blade of grass - and I am from Katka

Hello, dear readers! A single word Cate: if something was wrong ... then straighten. The following are the real story of life. It was a year ago, in May of 2007. I was not quite 20 years old. One friend of mine, Anna, invited me to take a walk in Kiev, I agreed, on the way she met a woman:

It was a gorgeous day in May, when all the students (as well as schoolgirls), already anticipating the approaching last call. Of course, we still have exams, but what do these exams, when three months ahead of reckless fun, the last three months of the summer school holidays. The morning was very

Now he is 14 or 15 years, and although it does not matter. He is a student of a Moscow school, with girls he never had any luck-mug was never released. But it was terribly worried onanist-pedoraz-zoophyte, and he had a hand-boar. And you can guess what he did with it. And today, on this cloudy

My name is Igor, and my best friend - Maxim. We learn in the 11 "B" grade school X city N. I and my friend sank on informatics teacher, Olga Konstantinovna. She is now 29 years old, but she looks so that always want to call it is not the young woman and the girl. Growth 156, accurate

The story that happened to me last summer on the shores of the Black Sea hot, gave me the opportunity to present it to my readers. Oh, how wonderful it is to lie on the sand and enjoy the blazing young girls passing by. One brunette and the other blonde - and all have their own stunning data.

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