Differently make love. Desire boys burst into the girls and dissolve them. Boys unbearable and they produce images of swallows, bows, vskolzayuschih, smooth, sweet members overthrows liters of sperm in the faceless, compliant, executive girls. Dreams of rubber aunts? Although, perhaps, it is that

It all started with the fact that my friend invited me to go with him and his old friends to relax on the shore of the river for a few days, sunbathe, swim, sing with a guitar near the fire. All this looked just super, but I still hesitated ... because the people who go there, I do not know, do not

Still life Vertinskaya enjoyed extraordinary popularity at the N-ray Hussar Regiment, who was standing on the flats in one of the provincial capitals. It all started with the story of Second Lieutenant Zvyagin. Being invited to the soiree at Madame Vertinskaya lieutenant allowed himself the

More specific... The very feminine. The limit of my dreams. This - a shining example of female power over men. Their beauty is tetanus us. If we manage to squeeze out a word, it turns pathetic babble. As such, you can talk on equal terms? We initially lose. In the animal kingdom, when two of the

I take you in my arms and circling circling .. ... Mad turns, circling the head, go down to the ground like fallen angels ... Kiss, kiss. No! First stroke. Hands go on a delicate dance. Dance, slightly trembling fingers at each bend. Here neck ... the feeling of the skin - and a velvety soft and

Good time of day! This again Igor. Once I told about me and my lover Andrew and our intimate games in a husband and wife. Today, as promised, I will tell you about our trip to the next town to an old friend Andrew. For those who have not read about our relationship, briefly tell the story. I'm

Came wife started crying, and attempts to divert the drunken husband home. - It's always, after each drinking - he said, without removing his hands from her belly. - Lesch, I do not like it here, I'll go. - No, do not leave. A better go and wait for me 5 minutes. She stood up, said goodbye

- Okay, do you see out there, and I'll go, make a detour, - said Oleg and rose from the table. He straightened shape, took his stick and went out of the trailer. Mihalich watched him and then buried in their cards. "Damn, well and firmly understands the man!" - Rinat thought irritably,

When you live with a man more than a year, there comes a time when you want to diversify your life. From the daily routine in the head, sometimes thoughts come from which sometimes feel ashamed. My wife, a slender brunette named Lena. She was 28, although looks much younger. Short, very slender

It happens in this life, we have to choose, well, let's say between the simple everyday happiness in the face of a nice pretty girl, created just for you, and happiness, which is called public (government, career, success in business). The results of this selection are different, but the

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