A week passed after that fateful meeting. From Julia and Katya were no signals. I thought everyone on and ended up, but once the bell rang.
- Roma, check your emails - there was a sweet voice of Julia.
Go online, I saw a new message "Rommie". Opening it, I could not believe my eyes. There were pictures from the day. Here I lick Julia, that Kate makes lick cum off her hands.
- Now you understand that we are not joking ... Come today at the same place at 18.00.
- I can not today, I was in the evening in the pool.
- You seem to not understand me, or are you waiting to photos appeared on the Internet?
She hung up, there was nothing. At 18.00 I phoned the Yulia's door. Opening the door, she immediately told me to undress. A minute later I was in shorts.
- Undress completely!
It was necessary to remove them as well.
- While Katie is not, I want you to prepare, - said Julia, - go to the bath.
We went into her gorgeous bath.
- You see, we like boys with Kate, who is completely shaven crotch, sit on the edge of the tub, I'll shave you.
- But Kate!
I suddenly imagined how I would look ridiculous in the shower after the pool.
- No buts, spreads her legs wider.
Kate squeezed a little foam on his hands and began to gently rub it between my legs. From touching cock began to rise. I could not help it.
- Wait, it's still useful today - quipped and Julia start the razor gently shave hairs. With eggs, it was especially neat. When you have finished shaving, it washed away all the water.
- What a beautiful ... see itself!
I looked in the mirror, it looked like a little boy. I was terribly uncomfortable. The doorbell rang.
- But Katya with her sister!
- With her sister, - I cried?
- Yes, my sister and I, go open the door!
- Julia, are you crazy?
- I said open or your pictures will be tomorrow at all !!!
I trudged to open the door, at which point my face was covered with paint. By turning the lock, the door swung open. Kate stood there with a girl of twenty.
- Vick is Roma, - said Katya.
- What was beautiful and face, and there - smiled her sister said.
- Come on, girls, today we have a lot of cases - Julia shouted from the kitchen.
We all went into the room and said Katya.
- Roma, listen carefully, learn from Dr. Wick, so today we will learn to do inspection, do as you say and everything will be fine.
The girls sat down on the sofa and pulled out a camera and started to put it on a tripod. I rolled my eyes.
- What are you nervous? We have your photos, and so above the roof, the persistence will not change anything.
They put me in the center of the room and forced to do what they say. They asked me to raise their hands, legs, stoop, push-ups. From all these manipulations cock began to rise, and already so hardened that I could no longer do anything normal. This amused the girls and they moved to a more intimate tests.
- Sit down on a chair and relax, show me how you masturbate.
- What???
- Roma, why we always stop at the same, show us how you masturbate. Relax and better close your eyes and bring yourself pleasure.
I did as they said, closing his eyes began to move his hand up and down. The realization that they look at me three beautiful girls did not leave me alone. I ended violently, splashing themselves all the sperm. The girls were thrilled.
- Go obmoysya and come back here.
Quickly wash the sperm in the bathroom, I went back into the room, the girls discussed the recorded video. They made me stand up on the bed on his knees.
- Girls, I heard when massaging the prostate, the boy is very nice and the erection is recovering faster - said Vick and gently put her finger in my ass - as he then narrowly.
The feeling was not very pleasant, because I've never had nothing there.
- Relax and do not twitch - Vic screamed and began to increase range of motion.
Suddenly, I felt the excitement really starts to grow. The girls took advantage of this. Katya started stroking my dick, and Julie began to walk around and take it all from different angles. This image has been that it is necessary, I'm on my knees, the pope in my finger Vicki and Kate drives a hand over the penis. Feelings were non-transferable, I started to roll my eyes, on my knees it was hard to stand.
Suddenly I shook orgasm and I groaned and slumped down on the bed. I came a ten minutes. Girls once again sent me to the bathroom.
- All right, go home, - coldly said Julia, interrupting video playback.
I even felt a little sad. He borrowed me and they wanted immediately home.
- Well, do not worry - apparently seeing my confusion, she turned to me Vic, - we have a lot of ideas to your account, soon your life will be much richer.
I got dressed and went home, on the road came SMSka "You have such a happy face on the video." I suddenly began to realize that I'm starting to like these girls to obey, the only question is how far they will go ...
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