Alive CCB Own Cossack, his bula Zhinkov CCB and another son Hritsko. Hritsko hodyv in the steppes of vivtsyami. From BITs with baboyu zmovlyayutsya:
- Stara! We require Gritsko dix.
- Yak marry, so marry! - Sent the won for Hritsko.
Coming hireling, and Kazhe:
- Healthy CCB, panoche! Batko zviliv Toby Ita to the Lord.
Priyshov to home ustrichayut yogo dad and mate:
- Healthy CCB, son! Yak Own toil?
- Thank God, tattoos and mama! little by little, And chogo-tse mene before you called home?
A dad Kazhe:
- That vzhe Well-I - the old and your mate - old, so you treba dix.
- I do not want! Pidu Own in step.
- Pochekay (wait) lyshin Troch we poradamos (glad-board) s good people, yak Won Ska horror.
- Well, good!
The good Luda prisovitovaly, dwellers date Yomou Boroshnev (corn bread) Mishka Kista and poslati to the market; and that zvilit Yomou, dwellers wines not to sell nor Jews, nor merchants, nor the women old and sell divchatam and molodytsyam, and I would ask them for Boroshnev s fucked ... LCI. Priyshov old to the house, and she Kazhe:
- Sonny! Take a couple of vodiv harnessed in visas and yid to the market, that vezy Kista Mishka Boroshnev; Teal'c does not sell to the Jews, the women and the old merchant, and sell that divchatam molodytsyam.
From a couple of wines uzyav Voliva, zaprig, naklav on visa-bo Roshnya poviz and Misty. Pidihav to the market, ustrichae yogo Jew.
- Healthy CCB, panoche! Shcho Takeo you e venality?
- Nothing dumb, bisiv Jew! Pidhode merchant:
- Shcho Takeo, panoche sell?
- Nothing is mute!
Otse approach to Yomou molodytsya and tortured:
- Shcho Takeo venality?
Vin Kazhe:
- Boroshnev.
- A skilko e?
- Kista bear.
- And scho yogo ask for?
- That let fucked ... LCI!
Won in the boy will podyvilas and Kazhe:
- Chi can not uzyat Mensch?
- No, I will not take; yak dasas fucked ... LKU so oddam.
- Vezy Well for me.
Vin at a time:
- Gay, gay!
And priyihav to her and tried to Dvir:
- Kudyzh mini instal lment?
Vaughn showed Yomou, and she pishla, prygotovyla Palyanytsya and honey, that and say,
- Come here, panoche!
Vin priyshov the hut.
- Healthy CCB, panoche! Ceduna is the fucked ... yizh LKU.
Vin Siv And she conceived Opiza ... yachivat, nayivsya and Kazhe;
- Spasybi of fucked ... LKU. Vaughn otvicha:
- God holy dyakuy!
Priyihav wines up to the house, dad and mate tortured:
-- And scho, son! Sold Boroshnev ?.
- Having sold.
- And scho for sale?
- For fucked ... LKU.
- And scho, son, Garni fucked ... LCA?
-That such licorice, and say scho not possible.
- Well, son, zhenys, and your zhintsi bude!
- Koly so, the first to marry Me!
- Well, old - Kazhe dad - thank God! Our Hritsko zhenitsiya want.
Pislaly Won matchmaker to the rich peasant. Priyshla matchmaker:
- God helps!
- Healthy bula, granny! And scho you tell us good?
- That you have the goods, but at mene e merchant.
From and for the betrothed maiden Gritsko rank. Tutychki vybraly other and boyars, sozvaly poyizd, poyihaly to church and povinchaly, and is the beginning of a walk, veselitstsya. From vzhezh required young Vesta sleep up to Comoros. Druzhko Kazhe:
- Well, looking-well, Hritsko! Chee de eb..lka know?
And wine:
- Yak know!
- A de?
- The one on the table.
- That neither you Suka de hair, and there fucked ... LCA.
- Dobre.
Polozhily yih to bed and sama piyshly gulyaty. Dovgy lying Hritsko s rank and want Yomou fucked ... LCI. Starting wines Suka on the purse and the shelves - anywhere dumb, but also Tille Komori was a plow and plow at the top of Bulo pidotknuto kuschem hair. Vin pobachiv Tide hair Polisi on the plow, putting his arm and probe: Chi dumb there fucked ... LCI! That vzhe slizty with plow boitstsya. Priyshov pal pidnimaty young, knock:
- Good day, young Hritsko!
A wine sydyt to plow and Kazhe:
- Healthy CCB!
- And scho, Hritsko, Nisha hair?
- Nisha.
- And VLIZ?
- VLIZ, that otse lyho - not zlizu.
- Valys Nabiki.
Hritsko zvalivs Nabiki udarivs the ground and time-scourged Own head up blood. Druzhko tries:
- And scho, zvalyvs?
- Zvalyvs.
- And scho up blood?
- That vzhe Well, to the blood.
- Well Otchinyayte door.
Odchinily. Hritsko infections jumped and pobig the steppe, their vivtsyam. Bizhit Beal Popov yard udrug naskochyly on yogo dogs; wines starting oboronyatstsya, pyatyvsya, pyatyvsya and VLIZ in most churches, and behold in Bulo nidilyu (Sunday). Win that and podivivsya Kazhe:
- Look at the dog's encores, skilko nagnaly here people!
And dyvno Yomou sho people bagatsko and Wuxi Movchati, Tilke gradually whisper that klanyayutstsya; Mabuchi Won who ask to home dwellers yih doviv. And given pobachiv wines ass in gold svyti sho walk mizh people that all klanyaetstsya from ide wines and to Gritsko. Hritsko thinks:
- Shaw TAKE it? Nese wines yakus torbynku and fire throws on the people (it is the censer).
Pip blyzhche and Hritsko Yomou Kazhe:
- Little, dad, do not bake the eyes!
A pip truncated Mach Mach that. Yak Hritsko svisne yogo on the head, dropping as much wine; people here, Mabuchi cholovikov fifty Bude, uchinylys for bad; wines usih yih pulled from the church itself pishov in the steppe.
- Well, encores Luda, kazhit mini spasybi, and that only you and tutychki zanochuvaly!
A Hapka miss Own cholovika and without weeping.
From nauchily yee, dwellers won pishla to Gritsko in the steppe; yak bude wines are h gang Beal water dwellers that have won spytala Yogo:
- And scho, choloviche, chi is not possible here skupatysya?
A wine Say:
- Chomu Well nemozhno? Can.
- That Mauger here clumps? Perche lick himself in the water. From the so-Dilo and zdilaitstsya!
Pishla ... Hapka in the steppe, comes and composition of wines is colo (pond).
- Healthy CCB, pyanoche!
- Healthy Bula!
- And scho, choloviche, chi can then skupatysya?
- Chomu Well nemozhno?
- That Mauger clumps, mini show.
Win at once threw off his shirt and pants, VLIZ in water and Kazhe:
- Bachish at Coligny.
Vaughn and collect vlizla in water pobachila have yogo s ... d and try to:
- Behold Shcho Takeo?
A wine Kazhe:
- Xie tobacco.
- Well at scho Won? Sho you robysh s her?
- Stsyu.
-And you denote yee goduesh (food)?
- That Nichimen.
- Oto something won and blessing!
A Hritsko pobachiv in rank pi ... do, and tortured?
- And you se scho Takeo?
- Potska.
- And scho Won Toby?
- Tobacco godovat. Hai your tobacco poyist potski.
- Uh, dwellers Won Me bite! High yy encore!
- No, do not bite.
Hritsko uzyav his girlygu (Ovcar stick) And she conceived probuvat: chi is not to bite? A Potima soglasivsya pogodovat his tobacco. Nadrochil Won Yomou and sent in th ... x pi ... do, and stick to that. Ljubo was Hritsko, threw wine steppe and came running to the house, and say,
- Tattoo, mama! De My Zhinkov?
- At scho Won Toby?
- Fuck ... I want to be.
- Come to infect.
A Zhinkov that and glad, and she Kazhe:
- Pidozhdy to the offense, mate varyla dumplings. And wine:
- I do not want to go godovat tobacco.
And she conceived yee be fucked ... and she conceived pirdit; yee became difficult, Scotch and hunting. Vaughn and says:
- I choloviche, vzhe not vzduzhayu.
- Shcho Well robyty?
- That mini Dobri Luda Casale dwellers susida our forks polyzav mini asshole, then I Mauger and adjusting. PIDs ask ox!
Piyshov susida wines to:
- Nekhay your fork zhintsi my asshole polyzhe?
- Let him!
Vorotivsya to Zhinkov, and that Kazhe:
- Ida! Vzhe Hottabych delivers ox.
From Hapka lifted hvist, asshole stared at Vikna, Hritsko yee adhere to: a susidsky Ivashka (s nym bo won ahead of his talk time) yak Pocha rank scratch through asshole, yee lyhoradka already taking.
- Well scho? - Say Hritsko.
- That little easier!
And then he Hritsko Zabol and Kazhe:
- Zhinkov, PIDs, ask susidova ox, Schaub mini polyzav asshole.
Wines piyshla and begged the ox:
- Well tired, ida to Vikna!
From wines dropped his pants and stuck out from Vikna asshole and forks vdarit yak yogo for Tille sratsi, as much through the wines turned his head!