On that day, I urgently needed to shoot a promotional video with nudity, the client hurry, and I for a week could not find a "victim", he proposed the girls did not suit me, and those who organized, did not agree to work. Finally, I pose uboltala his girlfriend. She was embarrassed for a long time, but I promised myself that I will for the operator, director and editor on, and no one sees it but me, and the video will be removed so that it does not recognize and with feathering.
So she finally yielded to my persuasion.
Filming had to be in the VIP-sauna, and we got there just when Natasha's work day ended. Customer met us, we talked again movie script and he left, leaving our complete disposal of the sauna and the entire staff. I start from the shooting on the street, then moved to the bar, all the while with a curious kind of Natasha motylyalas behind me. Finally we went to the rest room, I asked the administrator to set the table poosnovatelnee not come to us without having to call: "And then our model is shy," - I smiled slyly. And here we were three of us - Natasha, I and the camera. I looked at her friend, "Nat, and let's drink to the success of the movie and what would you relaxed" - Natasha shyly smiled and reached for the bottle and fruits, I filmed it all.
Alcohol really helped, and 20 minutes later Natasha, following the script, lying wrapped in a sheet in the steam room, was under tight jets hydromassage shower, relax in the jacuzzi. Then I called on the intercom massage therapist, and my friend soon quite unashamedly camera, luxuriated in experienced hands, I heard that she almost purrs. Her body glistened, looking through the viewfinder at Natasha, I took a camera in his hands a masseur. He gently touched her skin that I have everything inside quivered with excitement, but the most rotten, I immediately realized that I do not want to be in her place, but on the contrary - to him, to rub oil into the smooth, tender skin ... "Oy, so calm down, relax ..." - about something like that went through my head.
I immediately stopped the shooting, shoved and dragged Natasha masseur to the restroom - I urgently needed a dose of alcohol to remove the excitement and calm. But as luck would have eyes constantly across her bare arms and shoulders of a friend. I blushed and turned pale, knowing that we stayed one statement - in the pool, where Natasha should splash naked. Then she offered to hurry until drunk, to finish the work, and dropping the sheet went to the pool side - it seemed to me that now my temples explode from the frenzied flow of blood, his eyes obscured by hot shroud, and for all that, I could not take my eyes by Natasha's ass.
Me took possession of one desire - to grab, bite into an embrace, pressed into the back curve of the breast. I wanted her to pain, to aches throughout the body, and at the same time it was terrible - I did not understand what was happening to me, early on the girls I was not paying attention. Volley pouring a glass of martini, I picked up the camera and the tripod and moved like a zombie after my temptress. The next twenty minutes turned to me in hell - Natasha splashing in the pool, squealing and snorting with pleasure. And I, her face hidden behind the camera, staring at her breasts swayed in the water, on the shriveled by the cold light papillae on shiny buttocks.
I must say that I have always appreciated Natasha mind, sense of style and the ability to present yourself, and now I could not take my eyes off her black hair, silken cobwebs floating in the water, a beautiful breast size 3, dark skin. "We have to do something" - I finally decided. I stopped the shooting, carried the camera and literally swept past the pool to the steam room. Lying on the hot boards, I reassured myself that everything will take place tomorrow, and it is - so temporary insanity. And then the door opened and she went to the steam room and lay down on the level above me.
- Sasha, why are you so tense today? - Natasha asked in surprise.
I lay there, afraid to give himself away, and was glad that lay face down.
- And you know what, let's go, I'll also do massage.
Opolosnuvshis in the shower, I threw on a robe and moved obediently followed her to the couch. She turned her back, so she did not notice my breasts excited, took off her robe and quickly lay down on his stomach. So slippery strong fingers slid down my back, kneaded his shoulders, ran on his hands, went down to the buttocks, surely crushed hemisphere and ran down to the feet. Sheets under me quickly became wet, itching in the groin, chest ached, I barely restrained moans. Natasha began to slowly rise up, gently spreading my legs slightly apart. I'm all goose bumps, I was already noticeably shaken, and then Natasha's hand squeezed my pussy.
One touch of the clitoris enough that I immediately start to finish. My legs parted even wider, whole body twitched convulsively. Natasha still continued to rub the clitoris with one finger, and two more stuck in my hole cutting. It seemed to me that I still so sweet never ends. A few minutes later I woke up from tender kisses in the back, I found the strength and flipped - she looked at me with its clean green eyes.
- Nate, I ...
- Do not. I have long wanted to, but did not dare to confess to you. I agreed to the filming to be with you together, to see you, to touch. And now, I could not resist. I'm crazy about you, Sasha.
- Nat - I blinked back tears treacherous - come to me.
Her lips and peach martini smelled and was so unbelievably soft and velvety that I could not help but moan. Her tongue immediately plunged into my mouth and started to caress my tongue. Finally, she pulled away from me, and in a circular motion began stroking my chest.
- As I have dreamed about this, see your sisechki without clothes, bite, bite his nipple ...
Externally, Natasha, we are quite different - it was like a statue made of mahogany, the goddess-huntress with Yasnev spear, swift and flying, I probably was the prototype of the goddess of fertility - natural blonde with a luxurious mane almost to the waist, with white skin to which lipnul not tan, wide hips, small waist and chest fourth the size. And that it is now tormented Natasha. With one hand she clutched the right hemisphere, and kissed her lips and teeth pinched the nipple on the left. Second hand firmly lodged in my pussy - it is all hand passes on the lips, then briskly screwed long fingers in the hole, then rubbing the clitoris.
All over my body ran wave of pleasure, I do not even have the strength to respond to affection - I swept on the couch and could only moan. Even at its peak, I felt that she stepped back and groaned in protest, opened her eyes and saw that Natasha blissfully licking their fingers, which pulled out of my pussy. Then they dived more for one portion of food, and now she brings her wet fingers to my mouth, giving a taste and smell of my passion.
- How delicious - she licked her lips, looking me in the eye and hold the view down below. I sprlo breath at the thought that now would be. And her tongue touched my clitoris. I thought electric shock - I had never experienced pain from pleasure. It was so good that every touch seemed to torture, but from which you can not refuse. I pushed her head in her hands, and drew back. Saying I almost could not only moaned: "More, I want more ..." My body throbbed in ecstasy, I did not understand in what world I was. Finally a violent explosion has brought darkness and relief.
I woke up on a soft pillow and warm, Natasha somehow climbed up to me on the bed and sucked me over. My cheek was resting on her chest, before his eyes loomed papilla. About anything without thinking, I stuck out her tongue and licked the pink zemlyanichku. The reward I became languid moans ... and palpitations under my ear.
- We go on the couch - I slipped off her, and pulled her hand to his body. It was so sweet to feel her breasts her breasts. Rub on the pubis pubis. Her cheeks glowed, her eyes were half closed, and I realized that I could do with it whatever I want, it's mine from the top to the tips of my toes.
I brought her to the sofa and knocked on his back. Excitation prevailed not so much me, but I was curious to explore the female body, and I wanted to give the same pleasure to Natasha that she gave me. I started with the neck, gently kissing her, I began to alternately suck ears, while Natasha's hand crushed his chest. Her dusky hills completely filled my hands, sometimes I missed the nipple between his fingers and twisting them. But I wanted to try them on taste, and I ran his tongue along the hollow between her breasts, then licked each nipple in turn, and finally, one absorbed in himself completely. Natasha's hands were tangled in my hair, caressing and trying to guide me.
But I wanted to find herself all her sensitive spot, and, catching his hands, led them behind your head. My hair overhang forward and I held them in the face and chest, and then on the armpits, repeated the same language and come down to the navel. Natasha had already realized that it is not necessary to stir and lay quietly, shaking all over, sometimes frustrated with her lips barely audible groans. For a brief moment, I was seized with doubt: what am I doing? - But in his nostrils the smell of tart, and I finally decided to look at the place that attracted me so much. Pussy Natasha was shaved, as my lips and dark-skinned glistening with moisture. A broad movement of the language, I went through it, licking the grease. I liked the taste - salty with a slight sourness was so ... "Natasha" or something. But I did not for a long time to analyze the sensation, and by passing hands under Natasha's ass, lifted her and buried her face in the pussy. Her otrostochek was already hard and shuddered at the touch of my tongue. I sucked him and then began to strike the very tip.
Leaving him alone for a moment, how he could deeply stuck her tongue into the hole and wiggled it. In response Natasha issued even groan and growl, and I felt like the walls of her vagina elastic closed around my tongue, my mouth just gushing river discharge, and her legs so tightly wrapped around my head, I began to choke, but not stopped, continuing to fuck her tongue and fingers to rub her clit. Finally her legs relaxed, releasing me from captivity, I am pleased with the gathered remnants of grease and thighs stretched out next to Natasha. It is nestled on my shoulder and whispered: "I think shooting a success."
To be continued