I told him that, well, just a fantastic story, which is actually (I still do not believe it!) Happened to me!
Let's start with me name is Sasha, I'm 17 years old. I study in the first year peduhi (my orientation is not affected, say at once!) In the PR-crate! And I have a wonderful girl oddly enough (yes, it happens!) Is also named Sasha! I love her very much and I appreciate, in principle, as it is me! But omit it ... She has a mother (my potential tscha), with which I am quite warm relations, and often can communicate with her and without his girlfriend (hit it)! And my dad girl hangs by month on business trips! And when my Sasha left to do, I stayed in his hometown (another year before admission). I often ran to the mother-that she absolutely did not climb on the walls of loneliness! We drank tea and had a nice conversation, could see some cool movie, if I bring.
Well, in general I like that come on Sunday to her in the evening. I called at the door, and it opens a long time ... He listened, and something constantly rushes out the door, noise (generally vanity). Well, I like a gallant waited and then finally I deign to reveal it ...! On the threshold stood my tscha, and seemed to say the least strange !: carelessly tousled hair, breathing unevenly so, the person something is concerned, what is most interesting, it is in a dressing gown !!! A robe from her, I'll tell you ... silk, cornflower, well, very beautiful! Why I speak in a robe: beneath it could be seen two great pacifier, very nice standing! This whole action, I am, and did not know where to start a conversation, but she tried to rehabilitate tscha in my eyes: "A funny situation ... I just swung the press, you'll be thinking later," - she said, looking down. Well, I nodded, went into the apartment and began to take off his jacket.
Tscha at this time ran into the bathroom, it seems to brush up. I went into the room and sat down on the sofa. The TV was off, which is not typical for Aunt Rita (mother in law). After a few moments she came back and, in one hand and two glasses in the other - a bottle of wine ... coquettishly smiling. Explaining this to the fact that she just really wanted to drink wine, she asked me to open the bottle. Incidentally, while it was already on the brassiere, but it remained in the same robe. I do not tupil and began to pour the wine into the glasses. Actually, I quite feel comfortable in this house, and reached for the TV remote, turn it on ... And then it started: the screen showed a very interesting porn !!! I honestly had the pleasure to watch before; who can remember: a girl lying on the table and fucks her very high quality of some fair-haired people. Well, I naturally by 50 Cent in the eyes, and I look like a fool because of porn and look as if nothing had happened!
Somewhere a minute tscha asks with a sly smirk, "You like to look at it?" I was so nervous, if not paralyzed nodded. The next question was more interesting: "A deal that you like," Here I no longer became silent: "aunts Riet, well you can guess that I have sex with your daughter!" "Yes, but you never want to try with someone -nibud more, honestly ?! "I thought, not how much of the answer" yes "or type" no ", as how to present it to her." Perhaps it would be interesting ... diversity "- after a short pause, I replied . Apparently, she was waiting for this reply, he got up from the couch, walked up to me, untied the belt on her robe, and then I have dimmed the mind! Do not criticize much of the perversity of the event, until we visit on my site!
I completely forgot to give a brief description of the beauty of my mother in law! First: she was only 36! Second: she loves to take care of yourself and always looks good! Third: my tscha - sexy woman (germ somewhere 170, in good shape with handsome features, juicy lips, perfect, not puffy fat ass and bust stopudovo second size)!
And then she looked at me the way that I like Nostradamus knew everything: the CD with a porno, under which she masturbated; and the wine, and the cornflower blue robe; all became clear as day - my husband did not have a good 20-25 days! Woman wants a woman needs affection, hugs, kisses, and just sex! And I took off. I got up from the chair and relish kissed her on the lips! It was a long, wonderful kiss that never for a moment did not give me to doubt the correctness of the action! And then it was interesting: I flew like a whirlwind with clothes! Aunt Rita was delighted with himself, pulling off my jeans with shorts! I was also was start ...
I raised my mother in law from her knees and began to unbutton her bra! And now ... what a lovely chest! I pounced on her and began carefully licking nipples (love it when they are in a standing position)! The second I was sucking chest and tscha at this time simply purring! Then she threw me on the chair and stood in front of me on my knees! By the time my penis has long stood stake, to which I longed for someone to plant! Tscha gently touched my 17-centimeter another tongue, and gently held them on the bridle (as learned, that I adore, when at the beginning of a blow job so doing? !!!)! Well, in general it's great sucking: tongue teasing the head, then plunged it into his mouth for the most scrotum (the game so to speak in the "deep throat")! While I was still able to do anything, I gently pulled her away from his toys and asked to lie down on the sofa.
She obediently got up and wagging his ass reached the couch, lay on him and spread her legs. I without hesitation went to her, sat down in front of the womb of love and opened it, "Jade Gate"! After about five minutes, and even more, I worked my tongue between my legs "favorite" mother in law! I like to do nice girls! During this time it seemed to me that she even managed to finish a couple of times: so qualitatively she voiced her feelings! After the second seizure it passionately savage voice said: "Come to me," Well, I drove with all his might his dick for the most eggs, and it is pleasant to see (on the face were tears of delight!)! I still hews her about twenty minutes, in different poses: she stood and crustaceans, and the rider on radeo visited, but I finished fucking in my favorite, the missionary position! He pulled dick and began to finish it on the gorgeous chest, then in the mouth! Flown by madness, after which we went on the frosty balcony: she smoke, and I just get out of the window, breathe (yes, I am for a healthy lifestyle!). In general, we protrahalis until late at night, with breaks for the wine, smoke, and otmazatsya of my ancestors! We tried all the rooms in the apartment (I especially liked the washing machine in the bathroom, which I almost fainted, so Aunt Rita spiers)!
My girl, we certainly have not told about it. Why put bold cross in family relations without exception! Just everything was as it was! Only sometimes I casually noticed her lustful eyes, in which, as embers flicker events of that wonderful day!