Many consider dating sites, especially sex dating, a waste of time. I, in principle, too. But sometimes still have to use it and they say, out of interest. Sex 18 year old guy there to seek, as a rule, it is pointless. Of course, if you do not possess more than a million in your pocket, the newest member of the Mercedes and thirty centimeters. And then you have pretty smash his eyes searching for the desired object among thousands of prostitutes, women looking for a simple dialogue (and often spread pictures topless, so check interlocutor for lice), as well as, to put tolerant, naive people, trying to discover their husbands sites me, well, and finally just decided to slightly poprikalyvatsya (these I fully agree)).
But to achieve something mere mortals, must at least show even an iota intelligence, wit, well, or fantasy, in his own way, and send the message to something more original than a derivative of the "meet?". Immediately I say: do not try to repeat what is shown below - with a probability of 99% will be in places not so remote.
Her name was Kate, 29 years old (yes, the difference is great, but I want diversity, and to spend time searching for peers via the Internet when in real life much faster, not really reasonable), black hair, long hair, face is very attractive, figure seductive: long legs, chest size of the second and third, in general, quite appetizing. Judging from the photos in the questionnaire, of course. Looking coincides with mine, desired age on his head has not indicated; in the "about you" timid please do not write platitudes and formulaic phrases, please surprise. This we will not rust, turns on James Bond. Address it to find out there were no problems - VKontakte decided, moreover, that she had left the name and the name of the site, so more and the address on this hole in the system of each individual security.
Talked to her on behalf of a fictitious man knew where she works (-A, company "X" I know this, we get imported printers, her office is not the case at the Dynamo is -? No, it is near the Metro X), that living alone, and so on. With the standard work out six, runs just to the grocery store, in the end to go home to her 70-80 minutes. Walks freezeproof, this woman in strict pants and jacket of indeterminate color.
On Tuesday, 15 minutes before its alleged appearance I was sitting on a bench outside her door. Fortunately for me, in her neighborhood was not curious babusek nor hordes Gopnik. I had to wait a short time, even back to the bench not froze, as the person of interest I appeared in my field of vision. Passing by, she gave me a look, see a Man speaking into the phone, "Well, I was home." Alibi is provided, and get up in a hurry after her until the door slammed shut. She lifts her head came a little. Throwing that I up and smiling slightly, I waited until the elevator doors closed, and we Throne; She lived on the eleventh floor.
She suddenly sneezed. On his head.
-Be healthy, Cach - cheerfully replied me. - Still is dress warmer.
-Thank you - on the machine she said, then thought. - Do you know me from?
-On a dating site saw your profile. Photo from the sea charming.
She looked a little absently - she was pictured topless - but then replied, stammering slightly: "Spa-BIM."
I gently stroked her thigh, adding: "And as the search successful?" To which she pushed my hand, shouting: "Are you crazy ?!"
-Hush you, all the neighbors come running - I shook my head, returning the arm in place.
-I'll call the police!
-Call. I'll tell you where you met, and that the questionnaire saw me ... it certainly does not help, but you have some ... fall in the eyes of neighbors.
I hugged her and kissed her ear - she did not resist. You can certainly call me a scoundrel and a bastard, but a slight tremor of her hips said she was my action was not nasty. My hand caressed her between the legs, I said to myself that she was slightly put down his ass, so I was comfortable. We arrived on her floor, she opened the hall door and tried to slam it in my face, but I was able to grasp the handle. After a brief struggle, she gave up and let her go.
-What's the point? - I asked.
-Can I at least posoprotivlyatsya to mind - she shrugged, opening the front door of his apartment. She nobody bothered to shut it right now, but she did not, allowing me to enter.
The apartment was fairly well appointed, but I had a few in the drum. She took off her boots and outerwear, expectantly staring at me. I decided to improvise to end. He took off his jacket and shoes. For a moment hesitated, she took off her clothes, her eyebrows in astonishment crept up, eyes focused on embarking member. I spent a couple of times on his hand, and then took her hand and placed it on his penis.
At first she was in some disarray, but still repeated my actions. I kissed her, at first she stubbornly clenched his teeth, but my tongue penetrated her cheek, and then she opened her mouth and released her tongue meet mine, her pen in the meantime began to work more actively. My hands settled on her ass, stroking and squeezing it. Kate hugged me second hand, playing with my hair. She languidly breathing, sometimes wincing pats my ass, all kind of showing how she likes what is happening.
I put my hands on her shoulders and broke the kiss. Lightly pressed, prompting kneel. She broke down a bit, but still agreed to it and, looking at the member, on my face.
First couple of times I poked them into her lips, but she again stubbornly pressed them. Then I held the head in her mouth and pulled back a little. A thin line of viscous grease connected the head of my cock and her lips. Finally, she opened her mouth and swallowed head. First he caressed her tongue and then swallowed whole member. Plunging the air, she slowly pulled away, licked the head, slightly biting her. The head disappeared again into her mouth, and she began to suck hard, looking me straight in the eye. I glanced at the mirror - a picture-ons: a woman in a business suit stands on knees and sucks completely naked guy. It is also a plant. She put her hands on my hips, I have my back of her neck and began to move her hips to the beat of her movements. She smacked lightly, moaning sweetly. One of her pens unbuttoned pants and began to caress pussy.
I longed to help her in this, but it was impossible to interrupt. She then released a member of his mouth, licking it from the root to the head, then hugging her lips head violently taken nadrachivat, meanwhile licking the tip member. He now and then threw it in the grease droplets, which immediately swallowed it. I was ready to splash the whole semen her mouth, but she felt as my cock stiffened abruptly pulled his mouth, strongly squeezing the base of the hand.
-I thought you hold out a little longer, - she said sarcastically. I gave her a murderous look - they gave me a oblamalsya orgasm ... I'm fired up for revenge.
Pressed her head against a member, she dutifully carried out the tongue from the base to the head, trying to swallow it again. I stepped back and helped her to her feet, pushing her in the direction of the bath. Help her to get into her, she looked at me with interested eyes. I turned her face to the wall and turned on the water. She screamed for a moment, but it was too late - her instantly wet suit. I pressed up behind her, showering her face with kisses, feeling like clothing absorbs more and more water. My hand rushed down her stomach to the most pussy.
Fingers instantly got into her wet pussy, she gave me a sweet "mmm!". The hand began to move in her womb, the language took up her eye, she meanwhile again grabbed my cock. Its body is about to shake had an orgasm, but I pulled her hand, smacking into the ear, as if apologizing.
-With me this trick does not pass ... - she said, offended. - Sit down.
I obediently sat down in the bath. She wet cat looked at me, then just prispustila pants, come on easier access to her pussy, and put up her right in front of my head. I am pleased pressed against her pussy, running language slippery grease womb. With one hand she grabbed my head, hugging her. I caressed her lips, sucking the clitoris, it penetrates deep into the tongue, then taking a caress the outer lips.
Her fingernails are sometimes dug into my head, her head thrown back, mouth slightly open, soaked blouse opened the outlines of her breasts - she was not wearing a bra. Water dripped from her body at me, her hand clutching me to her more and more, finally, it is finely shook and moaned, ending. I continued to lick her until the orgasm is over. Finally, she just stood up, letting me catch my breath, taking off his shirt, trousers and shorts, remaining only in black stockings. It is lodging in my lap, I pressed my lips to her breasts.
-Do you have with you? - She asked.
-Yeah, right now I'll get - I sarcastically replied.
-It is not necessary - she smiled. Just getting up, she opened her locker, which was located next to the bathroom, she took out a condom and instant print it out.
-Are you thrifty - I said.
It is a couple of times vzdrachnula my learned and pulled a condom on it.
-But you never know. I do not want to break off, - she assured.
I climbed higher, she sat down on my cock. Her pussy was quite narrow, as if it was a long time nobody fucked. We hugged, and she slowly began to jump on my cock. She closed her eyes, feeling completely given in its vagina. I moved his hips from side to side to give her a strong feeling.
Suddenly, she abruptly stepped up the pace, put the pen in my cheeks and looked me straight in the eye, as if to challenge me. Her hips began to move quickly back and forth, her mouth open, she breathed deeply. How many you want, my dear, in the shower, I can fuck indefinitely. She realized that he had lost this round, therefore, hugged me cum again, filling the bathroom sweet moans. Leaning on me, it is a little bit my ear, coming to himself. Then he took the starting position and then began to move at a slow pace. My hands went to her breasts, caressing and squeezing her nipples. She continued to move meleno and painfully, yet again not brought myself to the point and finished again.
-I think you have enough to torment, - she said, climbing down from me and taking off the condom.
My cock was again in her greedy mouth. What is going on lips and tongue is impossible to convey, she caressed the entire head with a bridle, bringing me to orgasm, I could not stand it and exploded, my sperm filled her eager mouth. She smiled as she approached me and opened her mouth, showing that there is white on my sperm. Then she closed her lips and swallowed all that I released her.
We came out of the bathroom. Dress both thought boondoggle. She laid the table hastily.
-I told you I will not lay, lie down with me - more ordered than it has notified.
Her bed was comfortable and somewhat soft. As soon as I lay down, she immediately turned on, showering me with kisses. Member immediately went on alert, it is only a couple of times spent on him hand and pulled the condom.
She knelt down and put his chest on the bed, exposing her ass.
-Try not to disappoint me? - She smiled.
I fell in behind, put his hands on her hips and put a member of her pussy. At first he began to move slowly, but then decided that this position should act a little more tightly. I moved his hips rhythmically, a member of the eagerly bite into the tender flesh of her pussy, then jumped sharply from the depths of her womb. Her moans mingled with slapping my thighs on her ass in a sweet melody. She clenched her hands and teeth blanket, holding my feet to yourself. I felt that it ends, but do not even think to stop. Like begging for respite she lowered her hips, but I just got comfortable and fully lay down on her while fucking. She turned her head a little, and we merged in a kiss.
A couple of times pressed it to penetrate more deeply, I just pulled away, put her leg over his shoulder again and set to work. It is nice to see how your cock disappears in her pussy, Katya spectacle also gave a lot of pleasure. I fucked her not so hard, but every time I strongly pressed against her hips, trying to penetrate deeper. Her breasts swayed to the beat of my movements, lips frustrated groans every time my cock rushed deep into it. Having brought her to orgasm, I pulled out a member of her feverish pussy, took a condom and pulled a portion of sperm on her face. In the end she gratefully sucked the head and went into the bathroom to freshen up. When he returned, she kissed me goodnight.
In the morning, she raised me neither light nor dawn - her work had to flee. She said goodbye to sex will not work, but after I played a little bit with the language of her legs, she still gave in and swallowed my cock again. Treat as soon as it is not delivered - it is clearly in a hurry, and I, I confess, it was somewhat uncomfortable to make her late.
We said good-bye. She made it clear that it is not necessary to play with destiny and make a visit again.
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