I went hunter in the forest, and walked, walked and did not killed, plucked nuts and nibbles currently. Grandpa comes across to meet him the devil:
- Dai, - he says - nuts. He gave him a bullet. That devil biting her - biting, can not cope, and says:
- I do not crunching!
Hunter him:
- You're emasculated or not?
- No!
- That's right!
- Come on I'll oholoschu and become a gnawing nuts.
Goblin agreed. Hunter picked up, pinched it's ... first and mude between aspens.
- Let go, - yells the devil - is empty! I do not want your nuts.
- You're lying, you will gnaw!
I cut his balls, released and given vzapravsky nut. Goblin gnawed.
- Well, as I was telling that will gnaw! Hunter went to one side, and the devil went to the other side and threatens him:
- Okay! Come barn to dry, I'll play with you a piece!
Hunter came home, sat down on the bench and said:
- Oh wife! I'm tired, go-ka you dry barn.
Baba went to the barn, spread the fire and went to the wall.
Here come two Treefolk and talk amongst themselves:
- Let's will light the barn!
- No, let's see things first, if he had the wound is, what he has done for you? We looked.
- Oh, brother! He's even more of your, see how planted, large cap, so what's red! And they went away - in a forest.