It all started with nothing, was once easy and simple ... a sister to me was the one I wanted but could not fuck.
I am 16 years old simple boy like you, perhaps, his sister turned this year 18 years - this is something that means !!! She is very pretty, figure - the most perceptible that can be noted is the rear view ... round ass, so always wanted to come and take up her small waist ... ... you want to hug and put a dick in her ass! but a little from the past:
I remember it was a long-standing but always my fantasy began with this incident ...
I was probably 12 years old, and she was on 14 ... I came to her birthday ... simple, fun day, we played, talked nothing special ... but when it was getting dark and everyone went to bed, and I went all the time with her in the same bed ... I noticed how she looks at me ...
Suddenly she asked:
C - Do not you want to try?
-What I try?
With Well let me zalezesh you in panties and I masturbate to you ...!
Well I do not know ... let's try ...!
Then she slowly took her hand to me, under the covers, I went down pants, she took my cock and squeezed in his hands, and began to masturbate .... yes ... it was so nice ... she introduced slowly up and down .. .a then faster ... I noticed that she was looking at me, and she gives it even more fun! I decided not to slow down and work on it .... I just got into her hand under the blanket ... it was in a short nightie ... ran his hand over his thigh and began opotno not introduce two fingers up and down on the lips sex .. .
She wanker to me I had not stood out a lot of sperm .... she felt and said now I'll make you a nice .... with these words crawled under my blanket and began to suck ..mmm .... it was on much nicer .... the heat ... like ... like wet gently .... it worked remarkably tightly wrapped her lips cock and introduced the up and down .... wide open mouth and delayed swallowing completely ... I have long could not stand because it is not bad at the beginning razdrochila me ... I said that right now, finish ... she immediately stopped sucking and said that I could go to the toilet and finish it himself,
I asked her not to torment me and wanted to finish it ... but she refused ... I went to the toilet ... all were asleep ... but I was afraid that someone would wake up though was heard snoring of her parents ... I went to the toilet began to do their work ... ended almost immediately wiped member of toilet paper went back into the room to his sister ....!
I lay down next to his place .... she asked:
With a well-finished ???
I da
C do you like ...?
I-yes very
P-well, then still as a repeat .. !!! she said
I, and how did you ???
C do not worry .... she said, and showed me the length of the bottle of perfume streamlined .... I also herself and finished ... !!!
Ya but when we repeat ... I want you still suck my ...
From tomorrow on, come on ... !!!
I-well, I'm going home tomorrow
C then next time when you come! ... With these words she turned to face the wall and began to fall asleep.
...I could not sleep for a long time ... tossed ... I started riser ... I decided to go to the toilet and again vzdrochnul there ... after that I fell asleep ..
The next morning we got up with her sister at the call of her mother at breakfast but what is unprecedented is not as if the night which was not ...! After breakfast, me dad came and we went home .... !!!
Next time has come exactly one year on her birthday when she turned 15
a feeling that I dezhavyu ... I was sitting at the table knew that tonight I will be very good .... it's time everyone went to sleep again ... I'm lying next to bo chat about everything about the school, friends, I asked a smooth transition to another topic
I'm about to damn you to withdraw at night dreams about sex ??
C course withdraw !!!
I'm about to damn well I do not ...
C Well nothing (posmeyas0 you will still be ...!
C- remember how we Stobo at that time had a good time ...?
ja yes I remember
C want to repeat
I really want da ...
C-come on ..
With these words I long dumya put his hand on her between the legs and began to masturbate her pussy .... I stuck one finger into the hole and entered deeper and deeper look at her face with wrinkles ..eё she clutched her forehead and is not even breathing. ..u I immediately got a member ... I decided to drive her to orgasm ... I immediately went to her .... tion is located right in front of her by a pussy and began to lick licking ... everything ... and she one hand plucking at the clitoris ... that she twitched, I put her finger in her pussy and she was not much lying could not catch my breath ...!
C-it was cool
I- did you like?
With the da would still where did you learn?
ja yes so looked porn
C-haha ... well, let's ldano my turn ... lie ...
I went back to his seat, removed his pants ... she vzela dick masturbate in his hand is not a lot ... and took it into his mouth .... yes ... I moaned .... it worked quickly fingered testicles ... .... licking along ... and swallowing fully ... I felt that the finish ... but do not tell her .... she sucked up to the base, I skhavtil her breasts and began to finish .... I felt that she wants to release a member of the public areas and the mouth ..... but I found something, and I grabbed her head and pressed to the pubis to the end ... and finished in her mouth ... yes ... yes ... talking shops. ... and she just mumbling .... I saw her hand grabbed the blanket and squeezed it ... she bit my penis ... the pain I cried out loud enough ... and let her go ... we looked at each another in the fear that the parents can wake up but went on snoring ....
I looked at her face from the edge of the mouth flowed my sperm ... she wiped her finger and licked it ... and skzala:
C-fool, I gasped ...
I- I'm sorry I do not know what came over me I just wanted to finish strong and does not stand on your rotika
with-well, just a fool ...
I- I laughed .... and you said okay ??
with yes in order
I-well, I'm sorry
a-okay, not what happens to everyone ... come to bed?
I- wait lick my dick and sperm in it ??
with-she laughed okay let's sperm you still ... delicious!
I got my knees ... but she bent down to my cock and licking his vzela like Chupa Chups ...... prick head and licked it ... !!!
I-thank you ... I really enjoyed it !!!
with-uh huh please give sleep
I- come !!
and we went to bed ... the next morning ... all forgotten, a typical day .... then I went home ...!
Since this all started, I could not even breathe to my sister ... I always masturbate at home ... but it was not ... the more we have never engaged in these games .... !!!!!
She rose to her 18 I'm 16 ... she has a boyfriend .... pomoymu
... New Year, we went to the cottage her parents ... and my house in the country is quite vsteretili new year ... sat at the table for quite some time ... went to blow feyverki .... and again at the table ... it's time to go to bed later than the time of 3:00 hours ... my sister put on the ground floor so there is a bed standing near the stove ... and the parents in the room on the second floor ...
We went to the sister and immediately fell asleep, I do not what he could do, and also slept very sleepy .... shampusik navrnoe so acts and the already ... !!!
The next day was pretty boring ... but at the cottage we were 4th day of the night, I decided that we should not miss the moment ... I strongly wanted to put in her mouth, and not only in the mouth ... I'm too grown :) ...
....we went to bed the parents were at the top ..... we began to talk about anything like that garbage when I thought that now begin ... but no ..ona said let's sleep ... and turned to face the wall ....
No .... uttering to myself ... so how the fuck I want to fuck her so she tells me as she let me sleep .... ??? fuck how I wanted to fuck her ....
..I waited until she fell asleep ... she has developed in such a lump baud blanket ... probably it was cold ... I have such a riser which I have not seen, I took off panties under a blanket and began to masturbate looking at her ..mne .. .bylo little I decided to gently remove her blanket ... I pulled ego..ona like not awake ... her short nightie ..pripodnyal it a bit .... it's the devil in his underwear .... okay I decided make yourself a nice touch and a member of its thighs .... began to rub on it .... then a little ... obnoglel IRS began to introduce a member through her panties on her strips priests ... mmm ... so she elastic ass dadada ..... I imetiroval sex .... suddenly her hand came up and grabbed my dick she turned to me hold it ... (and me and good) .... what are you told to do ???
I- I want to fuck you
c yah i see
c I like you and not let you decided to fuck ???
n- not what is not said, and grabbed her ass and kissed passionately .... yes, I spit tongue in her mouth just so .... she told me, and we sucked ... she began to masturbate me very aggressive .. .. I Zalesov hand was holding her ass in panties and squeezed her buttocks .... wait I said to her feeling that I will end soon .....
c what?
I- I do not want to I want to fuck you
c ahaha ... you want to fuck me vpizdu?
ja yes I want
I turned her on her stomach spread his legs .... I lay down on her hands she spread itself buttocks and I perfectly see her vagina hole ... red .... I put in it and looked at it litso..ona winced and moaned loudly .... like you ??? ... she cried yes .... do not stop .... and pulled out completely and put in another she bit the pillow and mumbling at each push of my ... yes ... I was so well .... the walls of her vagina fabric enveloped my cock ..da is very tight ... I struggled on her ass her pubis ... she spread her legs wider and began dergatsya..ona cum ... I stopped a little .. . she let go of the pillow and began to cry, I took it and covered her mouth with his hand ... and put her dick until the end ... a series of sharp shocks ....
She jerked so ... I'm scared ... ... but I wriggled it all really liked .... she got out from under me, grabbed my dick hand and still not much I jerked ........ Stobo said wow .... okay ... she said, even as the all she said .... pulled my dick to her and took in his mouth ... suck it perfectly .... yes it was cool ... she licked it from all sides ... torturing me ... took him in half and then a little more ... and then swallowed completely ... started to move faster ... I grabbed her head and sit down on the penis .. .sosi ... suck ... I said ... and she chmafkala ... I noticed that she play the clitoris itself ... and rejected her head so sharply that threw her off .... she fell on her back on bed ... I pulled her thighs and put her dick ... began to fuck her for a full ... yes ..... bitch said
yes yes .... I grabbed her waist, and put on her jumping on me, throws his head up writhing on me to make any sudden movements slow and smooth, I played with her nipples tongue as she jumped to her ... ebalsya minut5 out in this position .... then felt that konchayuyuyu threw her on her back .... pulled out a member and began to sum to his mouth began to cum already hit in the face in the mouth the rest satel .... it sucked for a long time until the sperm are not completely out of my member then wiped his palm face and mucus all with her ... then gently licked my boyfriend .... I told her that it was great ... she said it was the best that it happened ..! we went to bed !!!