What is sex and intimacy I learned very early. My mother and I lived together in a two-room apartment. And I had my own room. We often come to visit uncles, and sometimes I saw them in the morning, but I did not attach any importance. In the evening they drank wine with his mother, or vodka, and sometimes mom is heavily drunk.
It was only nine years old, I, going to the toilet, and I lay down to sleep at that time, I saw in the kitchen, my mother is bent double and leaning on a table with his hands. Her gown was bullied on his back and his legs apart. Naked ass was vypyachena and how to Zadran up. Behind her stood Uncle Kolya without pants. His legs were extremely hairy as my mother between the legs. My mother said that my hairs grow there, when I'm an adult. I really want the same hairs. But I did not grow yet. And my pisenka all smooth. So I saw that Uncle Kolya front sticking some plump pink sausage, and sausage that he puts between her mother's feet. By the way, my mother smiled at this, so I'm not scared. I stopped near the toilet and went to look, not understanding. They were both happy. Uncle Kolya shoved my sausage and pulled. He moved his bare ass back to here. I looked up and went to the toilet. When I flushed and went, Uncle Kolya just pulled his sausage, and I saw that at the end of its thickening, I still thought like a mushroom cap with the stalk.
They saw me and my mother stood up and dropped her robe. She came up to me, hugged, patted on the head and took to bed. She kissed me and told me that the morning I will explain everything and tell you, and I fell asleep.
In the morning, when I woke up, Uncle Kolya was not, although in the past he sometimes lunched with us. A mom after breakfast put me on his knees and a secret to anyone, I do not come loose, he tells me what and how she dealt with Uncle Kolya. And why is she doing this. It turns out uncle pisya as sausages with a head (and I think this hat is called). This pisey he pees and makes a nice aunts. He was also very pleased when he sticks it to the woman in the sexual slit. She rubs it and out of it a special jetted fluid and to become all very nice. Therefore, uncles aunts live with families. And when there is no family, then go to the lonely uncle aunts and make it nice. When I grow up, and then my uncle would do nicely. But to tell anyone about this is impossible, because the stupid kids will laugh.
I understood everything, and promised not to tell anyone anything.
As time passed, I grew up. I'm not so naive. And I know exactly how "pleasant" and called his uncle, do. We have photos of girls brought in, and we were watching. And with uncle aunts fuck in these photos, or fuck. I'm not different. And there was Aunt uncle holding member of the mouth, and the other behind her uncle made pleasant. And when we sneaked a look at photos, I felt like in the abdomen was very warm and a little tickled. I secretly stroked her pussy through her panties and felt a pleasant relief. We were four, and I noticed that the other girls, too, quietly stroking his recording, but I pretended not to see, and did not say anything.
After these photos, I secretly began to pry when my mother came to his uncle. I usually went to bed early to his room, and then went out into the hall, and through the lace curtain glass door was clearly visible that makes Mom and uncles. Usually uncle did mom pleasant in the mouth, and then to turn it backwards, or it grew on the couch on his heels, and his uncle sausage stuffing her pussy, and then some time pulled booty. I really liked to spy on them. I began tickling in the recording, and I stroked her lightly pressing the handle, then I felt very pleased and I went to sleep. I began to want to try to hold out his hand for the uncle's sausage. She was very pleasant to look at. I even tried to fashion a sinewy sausage of clay. The last months of my mom to come on weekends Uncle Jura, and the week to come together Uncle Vova and Uncle Sasha. Uncle Yura liked me, he always brought me candy, and sometimes gifts. He remained always to sleep with his mother.
Uncle Vova and Uncle Sasha came on Wednesday evening and drank a lot of vodka. My mother, too, drank with them, and then they both did nice mom. One did it in his mouth, while the other thrust between his legs at the same time. Then they changed places, but my mother always remain fitted on their two sausages. It seemed from the outside, they are roasted on a spit mother. Sometimes I saw how my mother's mouth follows white liquid. This probably is the liquid that uncle for fun shoots of their sausages, my friend said that the liquid called semen. I did not ask my mother, because she did not want her to know that I was spying on them. She could get angry and punish me. She is angry when drunk, and then I regret. Somehow, I was a little afraid and Uncle Vova and uncle Sasha. Although they did not hurt me. Sometimes they remained until morning, but left early in the morning.
Once Uncle Yura came early on Saturday and brought me a lot of chocolate. I love chocolate, so happy. And he brought grapes and oranges. I joy embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled, too, mom and everyone was happy.
We sat in the kitchen, and then I went to her with grapes, and they are in my mother's room. After a while I carefully went to their door and watched. Mom was lying naked on the couch, and his uncle Yuri kissed her nipples. And my mother's nipples become large as plums. Uncle Jura completely swallowed them into his mouth. One held in the mouth, and the other crushed fingers, then changed. And my mother was lying with his eyes closed and smiling. And then my mother climbed on top, so that Uncle Yura head was between her legs, and she took the top in his mouth and started sucking sausage. Uncle Yura began to lick my mother between her legs. See it was very interesting. And I constantly stroked her pussy, and watch as the Jura uncle makes nice mother with wide eyes. I came very close to the door, even though she knew that because I can see, but they did not look in my direction, and Uncle Jura vaabsche watched her mother in the ass. it was sunny and the room is very light on the street. I was now very clearly visible.
Finally Mom has released its sausage from his mouth and got down from his uncle Jura.
She got on her knees and hands, short on all fours, and Uncle Yura began to settle back, he stood on his knees, and his sausage sticking up cap and twitched. He picked up the sausage in his hand, and began to grope for the entrance to the mother's pussy Finally he found and his mother moved into sausage. He took his mother hands on hips and pressed his stomach to her mother's ass. He then became her mother's arms tightened ass himself to his stomach and let go. So continuously. And he moved his ass back and forth. I stood and no longer stroking and rubbing her pussy, and I found a good feeling waves. I could not even understand what it pleased me. I pulled his hand and looked at his fingers, they were mokrenkie, I do not know why, but again began to rub her pussy.
When I lifted my head and looked into the room, she saw that Uncle Jura looks at me straight in my eyes, it was clear that he sees me. I was so scared that it was not the strength to run away to her room. Uncle Yuri winked at me and began to move even faster and pulling mother on his sausage. He kept looking at me and smiling. I realized that he was not angry, but she was still my mother, he could tell. I showed it to my mother and put her finger finger to his lips, so he remained silent. He smiled and nodded his head. I thought, what a good uncle Jura. I, he became even more like it. I even wanted to kiss his sausage as my mother does it, and I even laughed at the thought. I was pleased to think about it and eat its grapes in her room. And the grapes were long berries, we call it "lady finger".
I tore a piece of berry along with twigs and twisted ... in their hands. And then I began to push through his lips in his mouth representing that this sausage Jura uncle. The game was interesting. And here I thought that you can try to push a grape pussy. I immediately tried to do it. I guessed anoint saliva crack and gently pressed grape. She quickly slipped inside. Well, I clung to the stalks, and they would not know that it would happen there and how to get. I started to move it and I was pleased to again, so that even dizzy, and I own a clenched legs and very strong. And at that moment Uncle Jura entered. It turns out that she and her mother have done to each other nice and my mother washed in the bath. I shivered, and pulled away the stalk, and the grape remained in the recording. I cried, and he began to ask what happened. I told him everything, and he said that the need to quickly get, while mom in the tub. I found the finger berry, but it was pretty deep and I could not catch her. Then Uncle Jura said he will help, but it will hurt a little. I agreed, because of the fear that my mother finds out what I did not know what to do. Jura Uncle widely parted my legs and knees taking my ass lifted. He spat on his hand and thickly smeared saliva my crack, I watched as if spellbound. He licked two fingers and quick with words of patience, will hurt a little stuffed them into my genital slit. There he had to push the fingers to grab the damn berries. To make it easier to grasp it, he put his fingers deeper. My pisya was already tense, and when his fingers slid deeper, I felt a sharp pain, but I suffered and did not even cry. The pain almost immediately went, and I was thinking more about my mother than the pain.
From the first time she had slipped out of his fingers, then he put his second time deep fingers, I felt sick again, but then he finally grabbed and pulled out a grape. And I saw that his fingers were covered in blood. I thought it was scratched inside the handle. He wiped the blood from his fingers with a handkerchief, then wiped them on my pussy saliva and blood came. Then he said, podmoeshsya. You are able to? Yes, my mother taught me. So well done, and we do not tell my mother anything. Let it be our secret. I nodded gratefully.
I chose the time and secretly spoofing in a bath of potassium permanganate. I noticed that the blood again made from the vagina. After I substitution, blood is no longer performed, and the pain went inside. I was so happy, so grateful to Uncle Yura. The most important thing for me was that my mother does not know anything.
I do today is not spied and experimented with their recordkeeping. I even felt tired, probably affected the tension and fear that I experienced. And I went to bed early and slept well all night.
In the morning, I would not even remembered her yesterday's fears, until Jura zagovorscheski not winked an uncle to me. And I just remembered that we had with him have a common secret. And I just felt good and fun.
A week later, on the following Saturday to the mother came to dinner two friends and they drank cognac whole bottle for three. And when they went in the evening, then came Uncle Jura. He brought a cake and funky set with a Barbie doll. I just screamed with joy. Such a doll I had and I could only secretly dream about it, not hoping for anything. I hugged his waist and hugged him. He stroked my head and something sweetly said. I'm short, and Uncle Jura high, and I felt his breast sausage in the pants. I snuggled even closer to him and felt that ,, sausage began to stir and more rest on my chest, and I felt that I was this nice. I even for a moment wanted him to do me nicely, like my mother. But remembering my mother I'm a little scared. I pulled away from him, looked into his eyes and said thank you, and discreetly winked at him and he winked at me.
This evening I was once a spy for them. I was busy with a doll. After all, I was a little more than eleven years.
I washed the evening early, dressed in a nightgown and smock was sitting on the bed and plays with a new doll. It was not yet nine o'clock, when I was in the room went Uncle Jura and said that her mother got drunk and fell asleep. And when mom falls asleep drunk, then it is no longer wake up. He was asked to play with me, and I gladly accepted. Uncle Yura was dressed in some loose pants, and I really liked it. He was very hairy.
- What you furry, - I said, and involuntarily palm stroked his leg about panties.
- And you have a nice warm palm, and she is very nice stroking my leg. You can even pat, if you want.
I wanted to, and I began to gently stroke his legs around her panties. He spread his legs a little bit, so I was comfortable, and I began to stroke them from the inside. There were hairs more. When I started stroking it, then I saw the front panties began to rise and move. I realized that it's his sausage stir. And then he said he also wants me to stroke and caress. I replied that I would be this nice. And we began to stroke the legs to each other. I felt very good and pleasant. I closed my eyes and began to stroke his hairs under her panties. And he began to stroke my legs and fingers touching the inside of my holes and folds between the legs. When his fingers touched my recording, the warm waves of joy rose from the recording to the chest. I put her pen in her panties and felt a hard, hot sausage and live. I grabbed it with both hands and began to stroke. Sausage was just super touch. Uncle Jura, too, parted my legs wider, put his hand between my legs and started stroking me there. Sometimes he bit her finger penetrated inside and rubbed me inside.
He put me on his lap, hugged her and said softly in your ear:
- I'll do you like to please my mother. I shove you in my pussy sausage. But it will also be our common secret. What would my mother did not recognize him. I'm holding it in my hand a thick sausage, pressed against his chest, and agreed. I for Uncle Jura was ready to do anything for a Barbie doll.
He went into his mother's room and brought some jar of cream. Then he took off his pants and my shirt. We became naked. He laid me on the bed next to Barbie and started kissing my nipples and tummy, and I stroked his hands. Then he lifted my ass and started to tongue tickle my pussy. I was fine, and next on the pillow lay my beauty Barbie and watched us. Then he scored from a jar of cream and smeared my crack, and even a little inside. Then he smeared a cream his sausage, and it gleamed.
- Rodnenky Get on all fours. So it will be more convenient.
I readily got on all fours and took his hand in one Barbie.
He stood behind me on my knees and and grabbed me by the hips. I was little, so he lifted my ass and I felt his sausage groping entrance into the crack. It was very interesting to play as Uncle Yuri. Finally, his head began to enter, pushing my crack. He gripped my hips and pulled me to sit down, or sausage. I felt like someone else's body began to enter into my tight pussy.
It was a little painful, but I looked at Barbie and endured. Uncle Yura continued to skewer me. The pain intensified, first, but then when his head went deeper, it subsided. And I felt looked like a sausage goes deeper. Finally, I felt his stomach pressed against my naked ass. Then came all the sausage - I thought. After that, he began to move inside the sausage back and forth. I have not been hurt. He did a nice long time, probably about five minutes. And then suddenly I began to breathe deeply and groaned. I felt some hot jet recording. Then he pulled the sausage, put me between the legs of a small towel and held her close.
- So you can become quite mature. When I took out a grape from your recording, you broke your virgin film, so today ... you have no blood, and not so much hurt for the first time. You made me very pleased. I am grateful to you.
- And I'm grateful to you for Barbie. And I am very glad that I could make you feel relaxed. I'll make you a nice, when you want, just to my mother did not know.
- Well, it is nothing we will not talk.
He pulled me to him and kissed her, as an adult, on the lips. And his tongue parted my lips, and climbed into my mouth and I sucked it.
Then he put on her panties and left.
True an hour, when I was about to sleep, he came over and showed me a jar of cream. I smiled, quickly took off his shirt and got on all fours. And he did that pleased again. And the second time I have not been hurt. While he was moving inside of me much longer.
And on Wednesday, came Uncle Vova and Uncle Sasha. They had a long drink with vodka mom. I did not like it and I had gone to bed.
And at night I was awakened by the fact that someone is near, and stroking my pussy and even misses her cream. I was very frightened and pretended to be asleep. At the same time I pulled my knees and curled into a ball. But it turned out that way my whole pisya became open at the rear. And someone put her sausage in it and went inside. I'm all froze and did not breathe, I wanted him to think that I was sleeping. He rubbed his long sausage in my recording until it splashed sperm. Then he pulled it out and left. I began to cry softly. I thought I did not even know who was Uncle Vova or Uncle Sasha. Ten minutes passed and I started to calm down, but this time the door to the room opened again and someone climbed into my bed. Again, I cringed and put asleep. And I am someone again began to make nice. But the sausage was a bit thicker and there was even a little painful at first. But I endured and was still a little semen in pussy. Then no one else on that day did not come. But in the end, it turned out that I started to do three nice uncle. Not every time, but often. And I like only when it makes Uncle Jura. He was good and kind. I love him. Uncle Vova and Sasha uncle to me without permission do nicely. And they laugh at me. They say that I have a hole to drain and not pisya. But once they arrived in the afternoon and drank vodka. And twice I shoved my sausage. And forced to suck their sausages so that they soon got up. I got sick pisya and I burst into tears. Then they left, and I washed pussy potassium permanganate. She was sick for two days.
But Uncle Yura two months and my mother were married and he lived with us, and often do, I am pleased. I'm very glad. Now I like it. And Uncle Vova and Uncle Sasha's more to us do not go. And I mean they did not tell anyone.
So I am now very happy.
Uncle Yura promised me that when I become an adult, he would make me a baby and I face it girl, the same beautiful and smart as I am. And we with him will live Barbie. And now I really want to become an adult.
And when Uncle Yura went to live with us, I urged him, and he gave me a drink from his sausages sperm that spurted when I sucked him. The truth is a very long time to suck. But I did not like the taste. And Uncle Yura contrary liked. And now he gives me lick his sausage semen residue after remove it. I lick it and they make nice with his mother. Mom goes to wash, and I quickly lick. I had grown accustomed to the taste of his sperm, although I prefer the sweet condensed milk. And one time he asked, and I told him in the ass put her finger and rubbed it. He said that I had a finger fuck, and we laughed. He said that we are now each other's fuck.
I love him, that she was ready to do whatever he wants.