I decided to share with you my great secret.
His future wife's mother, Irina, I first saw the code once I was 20, and she 44 years.
He came to get acquainted with the bride's parents, saw her and immediately sunk specifically for life. Irina smart woman! Face, figure, slender legs ... It's very, very impressed. I was particularly impressed with her large breasts. These, you know, the 4th buffer size, stick forward as two bombs and tremble when walking. Mommy so I was delighted that I began to think about her often and dream in their erotic fantasies. And more and more serious and more serious.
The relationship we have developed with it immediately good.
She is a woman intelligent, educated, modest and even shy. Very affectionate and dobraya.Ko I always treated very well. She wanted to give birth to her son, but gave birth to two girls. My wife younger. Relations were warm with her from the first day. After the wedding, I began to call her mother, she did inogda--" Seryozhenka - son". And I always thought to myself: " Yes,"son", You would know how I want to fuck you, Mom".
The farther away, the more my passion for Irina Vladimirovna grew.
I direct suffering from lust. It wanted to fuck her, but dare to take this step could not. Afraid complicate family relationships, a scandal or something else. I did not know how she would react to my proposal fuck. It all seemed so right then, unapproachable, although some 20 meters I felt a sense of her attention and rasprlozhenie me not just as a son in law. There was something in her behavior, in looks, in words, much later, I realized in a manner to conduct a conversation that I was attracted vozbuzhdalo.Tolko and it was this way of flirting, very thin and veiled.
I think at first it was just a nice attempt, but a mature woman to attract the attention of young male to
to feel more beautiful and attractive, but not an old woman.
She knew that she was beautiful, she talked a lot about it, but once again, to hear it from a young son in law, and even better to feel his interest in men, for it was neobhodimo.Takaya kind of narcissism, and narcissism. And after this it veiled flirtation turned into a sexual attraction.
Ten years (note 10 years !!!) we walked in circles next to each other. Over the years I tried several times to tell her how crazy her wish. He even wanted to drink, and when he was drunk obovsem tell her. But damn hesitation I always slowed down.
And then everything happened quickly and prsosto. Now a shame that not ventured into before.
I was 30, and Irene '54. She certainly aged over the years, but has become even more beautiful. It refers to the type of females that age do not lose their sex appeal, but rather become even more desirable. There is usually compared to a good, aged cognac.
It was a holiday and we got together as a family, my wife and daughter-in-law, and, with the mother. Drank well, mentally we sat and chatted. I normally looked at Ira and in my head "ferment hops", How good it is, dammit !!!!.
And then came the moment when we stayed at the table together. My wife pulled the dirty dishes to the kitchen, in-law went to the toilet to piss.
And suddenly I (mine even did not expect from myself) suggested jokingly Irina drink brotherhood. She agreed to a fun wine.
They drank and then I gently, very, very, very gently kissed her lips passionately !!!! I was delighted by the fact that Irina is not pulled back, did not pull away, I did not turn away, and responded to my kiss !!!!!. I just "blown away"! I pulled her to him and sucked stronger, with the tongue.
She did not resist and respond the same. I grew bolder and put his hand on her breast. I dreamed about it a long time ago. It is she so big, lush, heavy and hot. Heard she sniffs the nose and served to meet me. It was priceless !! She was excited !!
Unfortunately we scared. Returned in-law, the wife came and we continued to feast. But after all I have already blazed with passion. I frankly and lustfully looked at Irina, and she modestly hid his eyes.
For two days I was not myself. He knew that two days in-law daily duty of protection, then Irina is one. Determination and scored after work came to her home.
She opened the door, made the astonished eyes and immediately began to talk about any nonsense, but it was clearly embarrassed.
I decided "take the bull by the horns" immediately, without hesitation.
He came up, hugged, hugged her. She paused, stood and looked away. I tell her:
--Do you think it was drunk with us?
--Of course - she says.
--No - I say, Ira, I want you for a long time, I dream about you. I'll go crazy with you.
She looked at me and quietly grusno he says:
-- Do not lie, I'm an old woman for you.
In response, I tighten her to him and sucked so much that she went limp first, and then wrapped my arms around his neck and hung on. Sucking like mad. It so much fire! so much passion! A hungry female! I was stunned. So much I dreamed about it. There, in the hallway, she removed her robe. The body of her stroke, the stylus. What a gentle, hot !!! Bra pulled up. Her breasts fell out, flopped on his stomach, swaying. Wow! They are her hefty, hanging almost to the navel.
Areoles big as saucers and small nipples, red and stick.
I began sucking them in turn. Ira moans, his fingers gripped me. Nipple biting, but they are wrinkled, curled hardened, became hard, rough. Irina rolls his eyes, sobbing.
The rest was a blur. Yes, you probably know how it is in great ecstasy and excitement. How to get to the bedroom I do not remember. I remember already that Irina lying naked on the bed, beautiful as a goddess. I took the jersey, pants with shorts pulled together, bloated dick jumped and swayed like a spring. Riser awesome, iron. Dickhead so swollen that I thought would burst from the tension.
And I liked how Ira looked at him and groaned.
So impressed by the female.
I went to Irina sosemsya. I told her about the stomach and crotch hot dickhead be afraid, she moans and pushes the legs slowly. I touched up by hand and stuck it on the floor of the trunk. The feeling and the impression fucking !! Mother-planted! Mother-stuck in your pussy cock !!! From the thought almost finished.
This is a celebration of the soul and body !! When the end of my staring at her, Ira gasped, back arched, nails dug into my back. The thrill her my dick fell. A vagina Ira turned narrow and short, right in the uterus rested. Entrance to the vagina as a ring I pulled taut trunk.
I think:" Damn, as if prematurely laid not finish.
Narrow, damn, how virgin. It is necessary to hold out" That's amazing, apparently the woman gave birth twice and pussy so narrow. Probably it dragged in this time. Probably a little of its dryuchili.
I stuck to it all his cock up to the eggs. I feel like the vagina to the uterus and pulled the trunk for dickhead rubs. It is an indescribable thrill! Can you imagine how much I was worth the effort to keep obkonchatsya immediately. Guba himself bitten, so patient, restrained semen. Irina hands grabbed me, moaning:
" Do not rush. Tenderer" It is evident felt the huische well.
I tell you frankly - no spectacle on earth more beautiful than a naked mother-in-law lying in front of you with your feet wide apart, shamelessly c rasscheperennoy by a pussy and you're it (pussy and mother in law) fuck !!!
He looked at her, he could not get enough. She lay with her eyes closed, his head tilted, his face an expression of indescribable buzz and simultaneously suffering expression. These sweet flour. Prioltkryla mouth and moaning quietly, plaintively. Handles a sheet mnet.Ya her legs pulled up higher and fuck the entire length, but netoropyas as requested, slowly feeling. The uterus is hanging inside, rubbing the barrel, driving me crazy. The vagina is narrow, already creaking at the dick. Then I feel lighter slid.
Vagina expanded excited, opened .... I see Irina grease allocated, slime covered member, slid easily. I quickened the pace. Fuck her, watching as her buffer from the navel to the chin fly, slap. Fucking spectacle. I'm her fingers and took her nipples pulled vebya both reins. Ira moans: " It hurts so". I pull and it is already harder dryuchit, abruptly. Pussy start slurp. Irina stont louder sobs, screams. I have in my head one thought: "Just do not finish now, if only to not finish". I make every effort which could.
Already fuck for a long time, and would have to finish it right. Well I also do not iron. Anger even took, I think: " Stop already a bitch,
finish your damn". She moans, groans, ass podmahivaet, and is not going to stop. I then raskoryachishsya her legs wide, she lifted them right up to the shoulders and began proebyvat its rough, deeply to the uterus and alleys, has become stir in pussy. Then she brightened, began to cry out, to a meeting of members is pushed herself, sobbing, her lips biting himself.
Then, suddenly he gasped, stopped, tensed, froze for a few seconds. I feel like her stomach twitching, shaking ass and thighs. Then Ira makes a loud groan, cry and starts to twitch all over in convulsions. Here it is orgasm !!! Victory!! Yet squander mother-well.
Concha Lapushka. Well done!
Ira jerks, screams, vagina spasm, a member gripped me and declining waves. The uterus is reduced, I turned to my prick pressed and pulses. Then I relaxed, Lord. I finished it in the womb. This gave a powerful jet that Irina even flinch under her pressure. She merged her big portion of sperm in pussy and collapsed beside him. It is to rest in bed, caught her breath, then turned to me, pats on the back, kisses and whispers in his ear: " Thank you my dear, my love". Fun This mother-in-law tells me! Ohrenet possible!
Then it turned out that I was worried for nothing. It turned out that this is her first orgasm for a long time given. Further, the second and third stick, she headed out quickly, easily, like grogh throws. You can imagine what fun it is.
We began our sexual relationships, secret meetings. There was also a difficult period when Irina was tormented conscience before her daughter tried to stop our meetings, but after all was restored, doubt and anxiety vanished. When she realized that in this situation, everything is just win and nobody suffers and everyone is happy, she gave herself completely love, sensuality and sex. All very nice so far, but we fuck with her for seven years.
I would like to tell you about their amazing discoveries during our first meetings with Ira. For me, anyway, they are amazing. For example about Irina pussy. Rare in her design, I think this rarely see. Or that the first time in her life she was sucking dick in me. Amazing !! Baba '54 !!!
I was shocked. And it ofigel when he learned that her cancer to me nobody tore !!!
I'll tell you about it next time.
If anyone wants to talk on the subject and there pishite.Navernyaka mother-in-law of sweet and affectionate. E-mail: [email protected]